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This wheel-thrown porcelain lidded jar will serve as a lovely reminder of the memories of your beloved cat.

The lid -which fits the body nicely- is adorned with an embossed filigree design, delicate glazed dots, and a sweet sleeping kitty in the center to serve as the knob.

This is a piece crafted with love, and should last for generations with proper handling and care.

• A lovely demi-glazed lidded jar with a smooth unglazed exterior, and a food-safe, non-toxic clear glaze on the inside.
• Smooth-sanded base to help prevent marring of table surfaces.
• Jar’s sleek design displays nicely within a variety of interior design aesthetics.
• Hand-wash only. Use care when cleaning textured surface. Care Instructions included.
• All materials used to create this item were manufactured in the USA, including the porcelain, glazes, and packaging materials.
• Every item is made by hand, by me, in my Los Angeles studio.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS 3.5” W x 5” H, fluid capacity is ~10 oz / 45 ml

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