Salt and Pepper Shaker Set with Sleeping Cats


This listing is for a set of two (2) shakers.

These porcelain salt and pepper shakers will add life and joy to any dinner table. They’re sure to be a conversation piece, while allowing your guests to spice up their meal.

Atop these lovely shakers sits sweet little kitties, curled up into a delicate napping position. These kitties are cast in colored porcelain from vintage plaster molds. This particular mold was made in 1957 and it’s my absolute favorite mold.

These are currently offered in 4 different colors. When ordering a set, one shaker has 3 holes and the other has 5 holes cut into the top. I won’t preach about my salt/pepper preferences here; you can decide which one you will use for which spice (a quick google search will reveal a plethora of opinions about how many holes the salt shaker should have!)

These pieces are crafted with love, and should last for generations with proper handling and care.

• A lovely pair of unglazed porcelain salt/pepper spice shakers. The inside is left unglazed but it is food safe and will not leech minerals from the spices.
• A rubber stopper is included with each shaker.
• Smooth-sanded base to help prevent marring of table surfaces.
• Shakers’ sleek design displays nicely within a variety of interior design aesthetics.
• Hand-wash only. Use care when cleaning textured surface. Care Instructions included.
• All materials used to create this item were manufactured in the USA, including the porcelain, glazes, and packaging materials.
• Every item is made by hand, by me, in my Los Angeles studio.

2.25” W x 4.5” H, holds about 1-2 oz of spices.


CUSTOMIZATION: A custom-painted cat on top of the jar can be added in place of the solid –colored cats. Please send message for customization information and price quote.

** Please allow 4-5 weeks for this item to be made, packaged, and delivered.